Scott Allen is a non-union, SAG eligible voice actor and audiobook producer currently based in Los Angeles, California. Originally from Wisconsin, Scott lived in many different places before reaching adulthood, which gave him the opportunity to make friends quickly by making people laugh with his biggest strength - his voice. 

While he began pursuit of his acting career locally in Fresno, California at Fresno City College and local Theater, he soon moved to New York to study at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts where he completed the two-year program and even performed in several off-off Broadway shows. He moved to Los Angeles in 1996 for work and acted in several independent films.

Growing up with a passion for mimicking characters from Saturday morning cartoons has now evolved into a realized dream to rediscover voiceover professionally. 

When he's not recording, Scott enjoys being in the outdoors, long drives with his wife Randa, and spending time with his Shih Tzu pups... and pizza!
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